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TCW Foundation

TCW Foundation believes in giving back to the society and bringing welfare to the underprivileged.

Our foundation is focused on ensuring that the unfortunate and the underprivileged are not left behind in the race for human and economic advancement. The post COVID world will have dampened the chances of upliftment and welfare for a large proportion of the society, while putting a high number of animals and livestock at risk. We want to ensure their safety, security and advancement with the rest of us.

We aspire to go beyond just the state mandated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) laws, and create an actual impact on the society. In this endeavour, we offer continuous support to various NGOs that support the underprivileged by assisting them with basic sanitation, food and clothing. These NGOs also look after the homeless senior citizens and ensure proper care and security for them. We continue to support institutions which work in animal welfare and protection, while also conducting independent charity drives to maximize our impact on the society.

TCW Foundation aims to bring prosperity at every door, and create a tangible impact on the society.